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animated short film | 3:20 | 2014
directed by C.J. Lazaretti



C.J. Lazaretti’s directorial debut offers an irreverent look at faith and spirituality, inspired by Terry Gilliam’s cult animated vignettes for Monty Python Flying Circus.

Best Animated Film Award, Austin Revolution Film FestivalCo-produced by Hamish Graham of Raw Food Biker Productions, Cosmico won two awards at the 2016 Austin Revolution Film Festival. Other festival screenings include Athens, Hamburg, Berlin and London, as well as the 2015 Supernormal Festival (UK), where the film was described as "all your questions about religions answered in three minutes."

Watch C.J. Lazaretti’s "Cosmico" on Channel 4’s Random ActsWatch C.J. Lazaretti’s "Cosmico" on Channel 4’s Random Acts platformCosmico is now available on Channel 4’s Random Acts, an innovative, curated platform dedicated to experimental short films and video art.


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