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Short Film | 19:48 | 2014
directed by Natalia Ambarnikova



A dark basement was the extent of Helen’s world for eight years before she escaped her deranged captor’s house. As a young adult, she invites a television crew to document her recovery, threatening the fragile emotional balance between Helen and her estranged, reclusive mother.

Leaving Stockholm was nominated for the Best Editing of a Short Film award at the 2015 St Tropez International Film Festival in France. It also won the Women Filmmakers Award of Merit at the Best Shorts Competition in San Diego, California. The film enjoyed a hectic tour of the international film festival circuit, with screenings in Edinburgh, Madrid, Cannes and Atlanta, among other cities.

Starring Veronica Quilligan (Lisztomania, Robin and Marian), Leaving Stockholm is a poignant mockumentary that probes the shattered identity of an abuse survivor as she confronts the hard choices of her newfound freedom.

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