C.J. Lazaretti, film & video editor


A British orchestra. A music publication. Three award-winning short films. What do they have in common?

Each of them had a story (or two) to tell. They all chose great editing to capture the eyes and ears of their audiences.

Click the thumbnails below and see some of the films and videos C.J. has cut for his clients.

The Gospel According to St Derek (documentary)Control (short film)Leaving Stockholm (short film)Candlebird (documentary)The Flight of Iro and Casper (short film)The English Lesson (short film)Goes Without Saying (short film)Cosmico (animated short film)The Carnabys "Where Did You Go?" (music video)
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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST DEREK. DOCUMENTARY | 37:00 | 2014 DIRECTED BY ANDY KIMPTON-NYE. Director Andy Kimpton-Nye first examined the career of seminal British filmmaker Derek Jarman with Derek Jarman: Life as Art, a documentary commissioned by the BFI in 2004. Ten years later, he revisits the subject to reveal the artistic ethos behind Jarman’s creative process, as recalled by a coterie of apostles that includes Tilda Swinton, Peter Tatchell, Tariq Ali, Simon Fisher Turner and other close collaborators. The Gospel According to St Derek had its world premiere on January 31st at the Anatomy Museum, King’s College, in London. It was featured on The Guardian VOD service between April and June, 2014. Subsequently, the film has had a range of international screenings in the US, Brazil and Australia, as well as the 19th Portobello Film Festival in London. See the official website of 400 Blows Productions for further screenings and other details. WWW.400BLOWS.CO.UKCONTROL. SHORT FILM | 4:44 | 2016 DIRECTED BY AIMIE WILLEMSE. Captivity takes many forms. In a cavernous dark limbo, a woman meets her match in a shadowy figure that reduces her to a powerless plaything. When your worst fears can find you everywhere you go, how can you regain control? A wordless battle dramatized through the power of dance, Control defies the limits of the mind with a visceral concoction of choreography, light and music. WWW.INFINITESTUDIOS.ME/CONTROLLEAVING STOCKHOLM. SHORT FILM | 19:48 | 2014 DIRECTED BY NATALIA AMBARNIKOVA. A dark basement was the extent of Helen’s world for eight years before she escaped her deranged captor’s house. As a young adult, she invites a television crew to document her recovery, threatening the fragile emotional balance between Helen and her estranged, reclusive mother. Leaving Stockholm was nominated for the Best Editing of a Short Film award at the 2015 St Tropez International Film Festival in France. It also won the Women Filmmakers Award of Merit at the Best Shorts Competition in San Diego, California. The film enjoyed a hectic tour of the international film festival circuit, with screenings in Edinburgh, Madrid, Cannes and Atlanta, among other cities. Starring Veronica Quilligan (Lisztomania, Robin and Marian), Leaving Stockholm is a poignant mockumentary that probes the shattered identity of an abuse survivor as she confronts the hard choices of her newfound freedom. Watch Leaving Stockholm on Vimeo. WWW.NATALIAAMBARNIKOVA.COMTHE ENGLISH LESSON. SHORT FILM | 19:42 | 2016 DIRECTED BY PAUL HERBERT. In a not so far away future, all humans learn from machines. Reduced to a mere servant of the ominous Autoprof device, Virgil decides to go against the trend and bring back to his classroom the personal touch from his days as a teacher. Defeating the monolithic machine of progress, however, is easier said than done. Dead Poets Society meets 1984 in a riveting cautionary tale for everyone who cares about education beyond grades and targets. Bleak and dystopian, The English Lesson is one we all need to learn before it is too late. WWW.BLUEJOHNPRODUCTIONS.COM/THE-ENGLISH-LESSONMONA & THE STATIONS OF THE CROSS. SHORT FILM | 09:50 | 2016 DIRECTED BY JOHN PERIVOLARIS. Who can tell what sordid secrets lie in the hearts of men? Certainly not Mona. Suspicious of her boyfriend’s quiet behavior, she seeks the guidance of Jesus Christ himself to unveil the deep mysteries of the masculine mind. Centered around a tour de force performance by English stage actress Miranda Langley, Mona and the Stations of the Cross paints a vivid portrait of unbridled passion gone awry. MONA.RANDOMCLOCKFILMS.COMTHE FLIGHT OF IRO & CASPER. SHORT FILM | 28:00 | 2015 DIRECTED BY PAUL HERBERT. Casper has found his perfect soul mate, but she lives in an unreachable place: the inside of a large mirror in a warehouse. His only hope to reach the mysterious Iro lies on the boundaries of modern science. Can one man’s love join what the universe has separated? The Flight of Iro and Casper has had festival screenings in the USA, Malta, Italy and Israel, where the film won the Best Short Film award at the Near Nazareth Festival. It’s also earned more than ten nominations at other international film competitions, and it’s still under submission to other events. Inspired by Greek myths and lowbrow sci-fi films, The Flight of Iro and Casper depicts the obsessive efforts a man can take to pursue love beyond the realm of the ordinary, as well as the unexpected price of his insatiable infatuation. WWW.BLUEJOHNPRODUCTIONS.COM/THE-FLIGHT-OF-IRO-CASPER-2015THE CARNABYS: WHERE DID YOU GO? MUSIC VIDEO | 4:06 | 2013 DIRECTED BY CRISTIANO GUERREIRO. Rock band The Carnabys recorded an exclusive live video for The Guestlist, a music and lifestyle newspaper based in East London. The video for Where Did You Go? emphasises the vibrant rhythm of The Carnabys’ music, as well as their onstage chemistry and natural rapport with the audience. WWW.GUESTLIST.NETCOSMICO. ANIMATED SHORT FILM | 3:20 | 2014 DIRECTED BY C.J. LAZARETTI. C.J. Lazaretti’s directorial debut offers an irreverent look at faith and spirituality, inspired by Terry Gilliam’s cult animated vignettes for Monty Python Flying Circus. Best Animated Film Award, Austin Revolution Film FestivalCo-produced by Hamish Graham of Raw Food Biker Productions, Cosmico won two awards at the 2016 Austin Revolution Film Festival. Other festival screenings include Athens, Hamburg, Berlin and London, as well as the 2015 Supernormal Festival (UK), where the film was described as "all your questions about religions answered in three minutes." WWW.CJLAZARETTI.COM/COSMICOHOURBANK PROMO. PROMO | 1:31 | 2013 DIRECTED BY MARTYN CASSERLY. Affiliated with London charity Pecan, HOurBank is a time bank that aims to unite local communities in Southwark through the exchange of practical skills. Members offer each other services ranging from gardening and cooking to IT support and language classes. The HOurBank promo explains the organisation’s exchange system in a nutshell, illustrating it with playful acting and casual humour. WWW.PECAN.ORG.UK/HOURBANKCANDLEBIRD. DOCUMENTARY | 8:17 | 2016 DIRECTED BY HANS LUCAS. The Scottish Chamber Orchestra invited 13 music students from Fife secondary schools to take their first steps in the world of composition during a weekend-long hands-on workshop. The resulting composition was then performed live by the participants themselves at the Univesity of St. Andrews. Directed by Hans Lucas of Earnest Hemingway Films, Candlebird combines interviews, rehearsal footage and live performance to mirror the spontaneous collaboration and bold responses of the musicians’ creative process. Watch the full film in the video above. WWW.SCO.ORG.UK