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documentary | 37:00 | 2014
directed by Andy Kimpton-Nye



Director Andy Kimpton-Nye first examined the career of seminal British filmmaker Derek Jarman with Derek Jarman: Life as Art, a documentary commissioned by the BFI in 2004. Ten years later, he revisits the subject to reveal the artistic ethos behind Jarman’s creative process, as recalled by a coterie of apostles that includes Tilda Swinton, Peter Tatchell, Tariq Ali, Simon Fisher Turner and other close collaborators.

The Gospel According to St Derek had its world premiere on January 31st at the Anatomy Museum, King’s College, in London. It was featured on The Guardian VOD service between April and June, 2014. Subsequently, the film has had a range of international screenings in the US, Brazil and Australia, as well as the 19th Portobello Film Festival in London. See the official website of 400 Blows Productions for further screenings and other details.


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