Watch C.J. Lazaretti's directorial debut Cosmico at the Liverpool Irish Festival:

Watch C.J. Lazaretti's short film "Cosmico" at the 2017 Liverpool Irish Festival

Liverpool Irish Festival
Celtic Animation Competition

Sun 22 Oct, 13:00
81 Renshaw
(81 Rensaw Street
Liverpool L1 2SJ, UK)

C.J. Lazaretti, film & video editor

Light, sound & time:

That's all there is to audiovisual. And yet the possibilities are endless.

Films, documentaries, music videos...even the simplest commercial tells a story. Perhaps not to your mind, but to your eyes and ears.

Great editing will keep eyes and ears where you want them: on your story, savouring every moment of it.

It's the film you put so much effort into. It's the video that will build the buzz around your music. It's the promo that will tell the world how special you are.

Get a great editor on your side and let your story speak for itself. Get C.J.