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Short Film | 28:00 | 2015
directed by Paul Herbert



Casper has found his perfect soul mate, but she lives in an unreachable place: the inside of a large mirror in a warehouse. His only hope to reach the mysterious Iro lies on the boundaries of modern science. Can one man’s love join what the universe has separated?

The Flight of Iro and Casper has had festival screenings in the USA, Malta, Italy and Israel, where the film won the Best Short Film award at the Near Nazareth Festival. It’s also earned more than ten nominations at other international film competitions, and it’s still under submission to other events.

Inspired by Greek myths and lowbrow sci-fi films, The Flight of Iro and Casper depicts the obsessive efforts a man can take to pursue love beyond the realm of the ordinary, as well as the unexpected price of his insatiable infatuation.


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